Your Recent Entries

Recent Entries

What is "Recent Entries"?

  • Recent Entries provides you with quick access to the 50 most recent entries you accessed in your Workspace. Accidently close an entry? Simply expand your Recent Entries and jump directly to that entry in your Workspace!

How it Works

  • Double-Click - When you double-click on Recent Entries in the App Menu, your most recent entries will displayed as a list underneath. View Screenshot

  • Click the "+" - Another way to view your Recent Entries is to click on the "+" icon on the left. View Screenshot

  • Right-Click - The Right-click menu for Recent Entries allows you to "Expand" and "Collapse" your list, or you can "Refresh" the list to make sure your most recent actions are reflected. View Screenshot

  • Minimize the List - To minimize the list of Recent Entries, either click on the "-" icon on the left, or right-click on Recent Entries and select "Collapse". View Screenshot

Stay Organized

  • Find What You've Been Working On - There will always be times when you are working on an entry and need to shutdown suddenly. Simply save your work, and the next time you log in, look in your Recent Entries to pick up right where you left off!

  • Easy Recognition - Not really sure what that entry is in your Recent Entries list? Mouse-over any of your Recent Entries to see the entry's location and the date and time you accessed it last. View Screenshot


Your Files


  • Accessibility - Always have your files wherever you are and whenever you need them. Do you have to work on a file at home? Upload the document while in the office and open it on your home computer.

  • Automatic Backup - Never worry about a failed hard drive, lost thumb drive, or a stolen computer. Keep all of your documents in IQTELL and they'll always be safe and backed up.

What Can I Do with the Files Application?

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  • Backup a Folder - Create a new entry and attach all the files from a folder on your Desktop. Once it's saved, you can access those files from any computer, anywhere!

Task Management

Your Tasks and To-Do Lists


  • Never Miss a Deadline - Keep all of your To-Do Items in your IQTELL Workspace and you'll always stay on track.

  • Automatic Reminders - You'll be sent an email notification 24 hours before the Due Date of any Task.

What Can I Do with the Tasks Application?

  • Quick and Easy - Manage projects, set Due Dates, reference important people and information, upload relevant files and mark the Task "Complete" when you're finished. Video: Create a To-Do entry

  • Set Reminders - Have IQTELL notify you by email or by text message that a Task is due. Video: How to Set a Reminder

  • Activities - Do you need to keep track of all the steps you take to complete a Task? Use Activities! Video: How to Use Activities

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  • Personalize your Tasks Application - Create sub-folders for your Goals, 5-Year Plan and Bucket List. Or, come up with your own categories and start getting organized! Video: Customize Your Task Application

Your Accounts

Your Accounts App


  • Secure Sensitive Information - Take advantage of the accessibility and bank-level security of IQTELL. Each entry in your Accounts App has Encrypted Fields for sensitive information like passwords and account numbers. When you use these fields, your information is protected both visually and digitally. Video: Accounts and Password Storage

Accounts Sub-folders

  • Utilities - Always have access to your vital household utility details. Need to quickly pay the cable bill? Don't hunt all over the house for the user name and password you created six months ago.... Save your online login information for your cable company in your Utilities sub-folder and save some time.

  • Banks - Tired of sifting through your notebook, trying to remember who at the bank you spoke to about your checking account? Simply link that person to your Bank Account entry so you'll always know who to ask for. Video: What is a Reference Field? While you're at it, add the account and routing numbers to your entry so you can verify your identity when you call.

  • Credit Cards - Keep yourself protected in the event that you lose your wallet along with all of your credit cards. Quickly call your credit card companies with all the information you need simply by logging in to IQTELL.

  • Insurance Policies - Whether you're at the office, away on vacation or just around the block, never be without your insurance information. Document your medical, vehicle and other Insurance Policies in your IQTELL Workspace and you'll have access to them wherever you are.

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  • Add Security to your Online Experience - Stop using insecure, easily-guessed passwords for all of your online accounts just because you're worried you might forget them. Use stronger passwords, but store them in your IQTELL Accounts App. Not only will they be securely saved in encrypted fields, but they can be much more complex because you, and only you, can log in to your IQTELL Workspace and see them!

Managing Contacts

Your Contacts


  • Simplify Your Life - Stop hunting through email accounts, notebooks and tiny scraps of paper for valuable contact information. Give yourself a break by keeping all your Contacts organized in the same place.

  • Make Connections - Take full advantage of IQTELL's linking capabilities. Nearly any entry in your Workspace can be linked, and what has more connections than a person? Video: What Is a Reference Field?

What Can I Do with the Contacts Application?

  • Import Your Contacts - from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.

  • Save Birthdays and Anniversaries - Receive automatic reminders 24 hours in advance of birthdays and anniversaries for your Contacts. Or, set your own reminders when you'd like more notice. Video: How to set a Reminder

  • Easily Identify Your Contacts - Add important information like their favorite sports teams, hobbies, Twitter names, anything! Everything you place in a Contact's entry can be found with a Quick Search. Video: Search Your Workspace

  • Contact Groups - Located as a sub-folder under your Contacts App, Contact Groups allow you to group your contacts together so that you can email the entire group simply by typing the name of the group in the "To:" field.

  • Organizations - Maybe your contact isn't a person. Save valuable contact information for different companies, associations, clubs, etc. in the Organizations sub-folder under your Contacts App.

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  • Create a Contact Group - Do you email the same group of people all the time? Create a Contact Group for them and stop wasting time typing in every single email address, just to find out you forgot one after you sent the email.... Simply type the name of the Group!

My Stuff

My Stuff


  • Your Digital File Cabinet - The My Stuff App is a great place to save important information about your valuable items and property. Easily store all of your documents (warranties, manuals, contracts, etc.), purchase details and important contact information, and find it later by performing a Quick Search of your Workspace. Video: Search your Workspace

Accounts Sub-folders

  • Vehicles - Keep all of the vital information about your vehicles in one place. Attach purchase or lease documents and store notes about sales and service contacts. Video: How Do You Attach a File

  • Appliances - It's not a question of if your appliances break, but when. So, when the washing machine stops washing things, make sure you have the brand name, model number and serial number easily accessible when you call for a repair.

  • Electronics - Get rid of the manual drawer cluttering up your file cabinet! Use IQTELL to store warranty documents and user manuals digitally and make it very easy to search for and find what you're looking for.

  • Properties - Managing one house is hard enough. Keep vital statistics on your properties close at hand for easy access. Link to your property insurance account, the contact entries for the maintenance company and notes about the homeowners association. Video: What Is a Reference Field?

Try It!

  • Let Others Do the Work for You - Most manufacturers will place their products' user manuals on their website for you to download, so you won-t have to try to scan that 30-page booklet on your desktop scanner.


Your Notes


  • Get Rid of Your Sticky-Notes - They're lining your monitor and cluttering your desk. Keep your notes, ideas, tips and tricks organized, accessible and searchable.

What Can I Do with the Notes Application?

  • Attachments - If a file (document, image, video, audio, etc.) is relevant to your Note, attach it. Video: How Do You Attach a File

  • References - Link your Note to another entry in your Workspace. You can link a Contact, an Email, a Bookmark...anything! Video: What Is a Reference Field?

  • Follow-up Dates - Ever have a great idea about something but you know you don't have time for it right now? Add a Follow-up Date and set a Reminder! Video: How to Set a Reminder

Try It!

  • Grab that sticky-note from your desk and copy it into IQTELL - now you can access it from any computer, anywhere!


Your Bookmarks


  • Cut the Cord - Don't worry about which browser you're using or which computer you're on. Store all your Bookmarks in IQTELL and you'll have them wherever you are!

What Can I Do with the Bookmarks Application?

  • Save Multiple Websites to the Same Bookmark - Do you have several sites so closely related, or maybe you would like to save multiple pages within the same site? In IQTELL, you can save them all to one Bookmark! Video: Add a Bookmark

  • Enhanced for Research - You did all the work finding the websites. Make it more useful! In addition to the URL and site name, record details and notes on each bookmark such as how you found it and what it relates to. Link Bookmarks to other entries in your workspace and set follow up reminders too.

  • Browse Pre-Loaded Sites - You receive a bunch of Bookmarks the moment you register for IQTELL. These popular sites have been grouped by Category so you can easily browse them. View Screenshot

  • Search the Web - Not exactly sure what page you want to bookmark? Maybe you're doing some online shopping and you want to save several related sites to compare prices. Type a search phrase in the "Search the Web" field and IQTELL will perform a Google search for you!

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Your Workspace

Your Workspace


    • The Workspace displays all the Apps you currently have in the App Menu. Each App behaves like a folder that can be expanded to show all of its sub-folders, and click on to view its contents. View Screenshot

    • For example, your "Email" App will contain all the folders corresponding to the email accounts you're managing through IQTELL. Clicking on each Email folder in the App Menu will display the messages in that folder. IQTELL even allows you to create and add new sub-folders.

    • In the Workspace, you can easily open any App, view its content, add new Entries and create as many new folders and sub-folders as you need.

    • The Tabular View displays the entries in a familiar grid of rows and columns. Each row in this view corresponds to a given "record" of information call an "Entry". Also, the Tabular View allows you to sort Entries by any of the displayed columns. For any existing Entry, you can view its details, modify it, add information and save it to your Workspace. Or, you can create a new Entry.

    • When the "Preview" button is enabled, clicking on any Entry in the Tabular View will automatically display the contents of that Entry in the area below, called the "Preview Pane".

    • You can enable or disable this feature by clicking on the "Preview" button in the toolbar above the Tabular View. This button turns the Preview "on" and "off". IQTELL will remember whether you last had the Preview on or off for each individual folder (App).

    • Similarly, you may have the full view of your "" Bookmark open in one Tab, but be looking at a specific Amazon order in another. You can open and use as many Tabs as you need at any time.

    • When multiple Tabs are displayed, you can click on any of them to view their corresponding content.


    • The Dashboard allows you to see certain important aspects at a glance, such as all of your Tasks that are "Due Today", all of your "Flagged" Entries, and more.

    • The Quick Search is located at the top-left of your Workspace, above the App Menu.

    • You can type just a few letters such as, "John," and you'll find all the Entries in your Workspace where "John" is referenced. The search results are conveniently displayed in separate Tabs where each Tab corresponds to a given area, or App, in your Workspace where matching Entries were found.

    • You can also narrow your Quick Search by selecting which App or folder in your Workspace to search.

    • Furthermore, the Quick Search is also available when viewing an App or folder in the Tabular View. Located at the top-right of the Tabular View, this Quick Search only searches the App or folder you're viewing.

    • As a quick exercise, try searching your Contacts App by typing your first name in the Quick Search field.

  • Expanding an App - Each item in the App Menu can be expanded to view its underlying sub-folders if it has any - just click the "+" icon next to each App in the App Menu. View Screenshot

    • For example, clicking on "Contacts" will display all your contacts in the Tabular View. Similarly, clicking on "Tasks" will display your tasks in the Tabular View.

    • Right-clicking on an item in the App Menu will display a menu of all the actions you can apply to that App or a sub-folder. For example, you can choose to open the item in the Tabular View by selecting either "View Folder" or "View Folder in new Tab". Among other things, this right-click menu also allows you to create a "New Sub-folder".

    • There is also an extensive set of functionality available when you Right-Click on Entries in the Tabular View. Try it out!

    • Entries opened in Full View can be modified, information can be added and changes can be saved to replace the previous content.

    • Menu Tooltips - You will notice that when your mouse hovers over certain menu items, a "balloon-like" Tooltip will be displayed. These tips are designed to help you understand and use the powerful features provided by IQTELL.

    • Data Field Tooltips - For many of the forms, we have provided field-specific Tooltips. To view these tooltips, simply mouse-over the label of the field and the Tooltip will be displayed (if one is provided).

    • Tip: You can turn this feature "on" or "off" by clicking on "My Account" at the top-right of your screen and selecting the "Preferences" tab.