A Valentine idea that lasts Gift Certificates from Doing Earth Pottery

It is Valentines Day and  I hope that you  have some one special to share it with. In our Gallery we are fortunate to meet many people. It is always a marvel to hear how personal picking a piece of handcrafted  pottery can be.

Many times it is a gift for someone else who really cherishes the piece

20141207_153531 (1)

This is a Raku Fired Hand Thrown Art piece the highlighting is from Donated Horse hair taken when the horse is groomed

You may know someone who has that inner passion

Why not consider a  Gift certificate for that special someone to go with the flowers  Give us a  call at 604 823 2250  to arrange

Our Gallery Hours

Sat Feb  14 Valentines Day 1000-500 pm

Sun   Feb  15  1000-500pm

Week of Feb 16 -20 Call 604 823 2250  or 604 807 1667 to arrange a special visit


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