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                          To contact  Doing Earth Pottery

                         Call  604 823 2250

Doing Earth Pottery Handmade Berry Colander

Handmade Berry Colander by Doing Earth Pottery Yarrow BC

Funky Hadmade Fish Doing Earth Pottery Chilliwack BC

Shelley White has created a family of these fun pieces

Cell 604 807  1667





Halloween Horse Hair Handcrafted Pumpkin by Doing Earth PotteryHandcrafted Halloween Horse Hair Pumpkins by Doing Earth Pottery. Last fiery touch

Yarrow Home gallery 

Sat Jan 26 Open

SUN Jan 27  Open

Mon  Jan 21  Open

Tues, Jan  22  Open 

Wed, Jan 23 Open

         Thurs, Jan 24  Open  

Friday, Jan  25  Open  

Call  604 823 2250 or Cell 604  807 1667 ema 

Akashic Ranch features Doing Earth Pottery

Akashic Ranch near Kamloops

Pottery in Kamloops   

Contact   Akashic Ranch   for a selection of pottery and other eclectic items 

Friends nearby Doing Earth Pottery

Some Great places  for lunch near if you are visiting   Doing Earth Pottery

    • Doing Earth Pottery Wool Bowl in Sunset Brown

      This our Yarn Bowl in Sunset brown

    • Pottery Mugs by Doing Earth Pottery

                        Chestnut Springs Bakery 

                            Perfekt Deli

                       Little Beetle Bistro

If  you are out this way give us a call @ 604 823 2250  or cell 604 807 1667

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  1. Tracy Friesen Reply

    Hello! I’m looking for a yarn bowl for a friend’s birthday — just wondering if you currently have any and also how much you charge for them?

    Thanks in advance,

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