Welcome to Doing Earth Pottery By Shelley White

Welcome to Doing Earth Pottery

The pieces or Doing Earth Pottery have been passionately created over 25 years.

Shelley has created a Collection of homemade functional Pottery available at our showroom in the Yarrow area of Chilliwack BC

There are many items to choose from you will find
Garlic Pots
Embossed Serving trays

Shelley also has a Collection of Raku done in with Horse hair that is created

on our property. These are considered as collectible art pieces because of their unique qualities


One of the trademarks of Doing Earth Pottery are the unique colors

Sunset Brown
Shelley’s featured color is her Sunset Brown it has had excellent acceptance with customers from all over It is particularly significant

2014-11-18 18.01.14

Hand Carved Leaves Great Gift Ideas from Doing Earth Pottery


 A great for  new homes and updates as it compliments many of the decors


Doing Earth Blue


Doing earth Pottery Floating blue collection

Floating Blue from Doing Earth Pottery

Doing Earth Pottery Chilliwack BC

Contemporary Blue on display in Doing Earth Pottery in Yarrow BC

This color has been a long standing standard. The light textures and blends are still as popular as ever. This is still one of the most attractive colors Shelley has ever made

Peridot Green

Peridot Green is the newest color and the real show stopper. As the tastes change discerning collectors are finding many places for these pieces

Many of the pieces are given as unique Gifts at Christmas or for special occasions throughout the year

2014-11-18 17.56.25

Selection of pieces available in Doing Earth Pottery Gallery

Collectors have enjoyed the new pieces Shelley has developed and continues to add to her extensive Collection

Peridot Green by Doing Earth Pottery

Doing Earth Pottery Peridot Green

Come and visit us in Yarrow between Abbotsford and Chilliwack on the road to Cultus Lake

Halloween Hand Carved Raku fired with Horse Hair Accents

Great idea for Home decor during Halloween. Unique Hand Carved Raku Fired Pumpkins Available at Doing Earth Pottery in Yarrow BC

Doing Earth Pottery

4326 Kehler St

Chilliwack BC  (Yarrow)  V2R 5e4

Doing Earth Pottery  Map

Call us @604 823 2250 to confirm our hours or arrange a special visit

Click on our Gallery Tab

email  pottery@doingearthpottery.com


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