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Need a Great Mothers Day Gift ? Try Studio Handcrafted Pottery

    The question always comes up. What Would make  a Great Mothers Day Gift. What could be more unique than  a piece of Studio handcrafted pottery? One of the  things that always intrigues visitors is to see where the artist actually creates the piece. Many visitors to my gallery love to come out to

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Hand made pottery mugs after they made on the wheel. They are in these are in their first firing known as bisque firing before they receive their glaze

Shelley has been very busy.+The first batch of  Beautiful handmade pottery mugs are  ready.

Here they are after coming out of the kiln for the first time.

Temperatures will reach over 1000 degrees F.

In this phase the moisture and any latent chemicals in the clay are removed



Non fired glaze handmade pottery mugs

Handmade pottery mugs with glaze waiting for the firing

The next phase is to glaze them to create the beautiful colors .They will go into the kiln again for 12 hours and reach  nearly 2000 degrees. If you could see in the kiln the would look like glowing molten glass


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