Coffee Carafe New for 2017 In Our Homebase Gallery

2017 is here, and  while it is starting off with some  Cold weather it will get better

One of the new Items is  the Coffee Carafe shown a  Featured Item

Our Home located Gallery is open with our hours updated on the website  

Shelley is working on new Pieces and producing some favorites like Wool bowls which sold out at Christmas 

Doing Earth Pottery Wool Bowl in Sunset Brown

This our Yarn Bowl in Sunset Brown


The mugs are in Good supply and a great idea for a unique gift.


Pottery Mugs by Doing Earth Pottery

If you are looking for a beautiful drive in the country come out to Yarrow  and visit us 

We have  great  neighbors  if  you want to stop for lunch 

Hazel Springs Bakery


If you are out in the Yarrow Chilliwack area, give us a call @ 604 823 2250 or cell 604 807 1667 

map to  Doing Earth Pottery 


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