Handcrafted Pottery as Giftware in Abbotsford BC

Shelley White of Doing earth pottery is pleased to be back in Abbotsford as a vendor 

Doing Earth Pottery Handmade Serving trays s

Handcrafted tray ideal for entertaining


The 4th  Annual

Christmas Market  at The  Quality Inn

Friday,  Nov  11, 5-900 pm

Saturday Nov 12  1000-4pm

Shelley will have a selection of her most sought after pieces including her French Butter Keeper


French Butter dish in Peridot Green by Doing Earth Pottery

2 Pieces of Peridot Green French Butter Dish by Doing Earth Pottery









A French butter dish is a container used to maintain the freshness and spreadable consistency of butter without refrigeration. This late 19th-century French-designed pottery crock has two parts: a base that holds water, and a cup to hold the packed butter which also serves as a lid. The cup containing butter is placed into the base, where water creates an airtight seal that keeps the air (and thus oxygen) away from the butter so that refrigeration is not needed, and the butter can be used in its soft form. This method will keep butter for around a month provided it is kept at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C), and the water is changed regularly.

Other names for this item are: “French butter keeper”, “French butter crock”, “butter crock”, “beurre à l’eau”, “beurrier Breton”, “beurrier Normand”, “cloche de beurre”, “pot à beurre Breton”, “französische Butterdose” (German). Two manufactured versions are the Norpro butter keeper and the Butter Bell, a registered trademark of L. Tremain, Inc.[1][2  source 


What would a Pottery display be without mugs   Shelley will have her favorites on display.There are many to choose from in all colors 

There are many to choose from in all colors 

Handmade Pottery Mugs from Doing Earth Pottery

Traditional mugs in Sunset Brown and Peridot Green from Doing Earth Pottery


Along with always sought after mugs Shelley will feature her very popular Chicken Roasters in Sunset Brown, Floating Blue, and Peridot Green 

Handcrafted Sunset Brown Chicken Roaster by Doing Earth Pottery

Handmade Chicken Roasters from Doing Earth Pottery are a very popular Items here is one in Sunset Brown









Abbotsford is like a second to home. Shelley and her husband. It is where they met and got married. Their wedding reception was held at the Ramada Hotel, the former name of the Quality Inn Hotel.

Over the years, Quality handcrafted Markets in Abbotsford have been hard to find.

This one is the first year being a vendor in the Chrismas Market,

This market will bring an excellent of choices of gift ideas for the holidays  in Abbotsford 


The Market  is located at   

The Quality Inn  in Abbotsford 

36035 N Parallel Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2C6

Date Friday,    Nov,11  5  -900 pm 

Saturday, Nov,  11-400 pm 

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 Click here to See more items  available from Doing Earth Pottery at the  Market or in the Gallery located in Yarrow BC

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