Handmade Pottery Serving platters for Healthy appetizers


Entertaining is a delight for many, and nowadays people love to be creative with snack food servings.  

The Display can be as is simple as plastic trays or even aluminum but other times hostesses want to make an impression.

They choose serving platters that add to the ambiance. The Trays enhance the  taste creations 

Shelley has a  beautiful selection or Handmade Pottery serving platters. The selection her all her all of  her unique color

They will enhance any gathering with a unique style.

The various trays are ideal for hot or cold appetizers.


Doing Earth Pottery Handmade Serving trays s

Handcrafted tray ideal for entertaining




Doing Earth Pottery Sunset Brown Serving Tray

Asparagus Serving trays from Doing Earth Pottery



Glazed Pottery has a unique quality; it can be heated in the oven or Microwave for those hot treats. After it is all over, they can go in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Handmade Embossed Serving Trays From Doing Earth Pottery

Embossed Trays give a distinctive look when entertaining




Handmade Embossed Serving tray Doing Earth Pottery

Large Square Embossed Serving Tray from Doing Earth Pottery








Healthy Snacks are here

The ideal snacks of the day are quick, healthy appetizers hot or cold.

The good news is that ideas are endless, and every enjoys a new experience.  

With a quick search, we found these ideas 

Here are some great hot appetizers from Pinterest 

Here are some other great links to check out

Healthy Appetizer Recipes – Food Network


 Some of the best  Appetizers we ever had have come form sites just like these.

The Favorite Veggie and Dip

It seems every get together has the Veggie and Dip platter.Here is a great idea


The Veggie Plate always a favorite when entertaining



Dip and Serving Platter

Handmade Dip and Veggie Serving platter from Doing Earth Pottery



from this to   this ………




Handmade Pottery Platters and Healthy snacks go hand in hand

Handmade Pottery Platters and Healthy snacks go hand in hand




Handcrafted and locally made Serving platters from Doing Earth Pottery

Handmade Embossed Serving Platter by DoingEarthPottery










Ideal for entertaining and serving hot appetizers

Ideal for entertaining and serving hot appetizThe platters and trays  come in various sizes and  styles for  the small intimate get together to the  larger gatherings










The leaves are  very popular  idea for small appetizers

Doing Earth Pottery Gift ideas

Handmade pottery leaf from leaves collected from our property

One of the first items Shelley made were handcrafted leaves.

The leaves are taken from our property and then fashioned and glazed as see here. They are excellent small serving trays.

These make great gifts especially for distant friends, Something  from the area and useable





If you are looking for something distinctive for your home decor or a gift for special someone, come into our Gallery and get some ideas.



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