Raku Fired Home Decor and Gift Ideas Available

Doing earth Pottery Raku fire Pieces

Raku fired Pottery With Horse Hair Accents form Doing Earth Pottery

Raku  Pottery is derived from a 16th Century Method of  Firing Pottery.

Some clay pieces are fired very quickly in a small kiln until the piece has reached 1400 degree For the Glaze is Molten.

Each piece is removed with tongs and placed in a bed of leaves Hay sawdust or  some other combustibles and allowed to cool   

Many unusual  Patterns and colors come from the interplay  between the Smoky Atmosphere and the rapid cooling creating a Metallic finish.

Horse hair 

Another  Finish using  the Raku Technique that  I have worked in is shown above.

The Piece is heated and then carefully sprayed, and just at the right time, I lovingly lay strands of donated Horse Hair where it instantly creates its own pattern. 

There is  a very nice collection of these home decor items that will make  wonderful gifts or  display piece in anyone’s home   

One of the most unique Horse hair pieces is Halloween Pumpkins

Handcraved Raku fired Halloween pumpking Doing Earth Pottery

Raku Fired Horsehair decorated Pumpkin


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