Chilliwack Sweet Corn and Handmade Corn on the Cob Trays By Doing Earth Pottery

This is the time of the year that those of us who live in the Fraser Valley look forward to, as all of the locally grown produce is ready. We have a multitude of local farmers in Chilliwack supplying Fruits vegetables, and Chilliwack Sweet Corn.

Fresh Berries and Hand Made Berry Colanders

Berries Grown in the Fraser Valley Near Yarrow BC

People travel in from all areas to get the freshly picked corn on the cob from local markets or roadside vendors.

A very popular item at Doing Earth Pottery is Shelley’s Berry Bowels for the Fresh Fruit and Berries

Doing Earth Pottery Handmade Berry Colander

Handmade Berry Colander by Doing Earth Pottery

Doing Earth Pottery Sunset Brown Berry Bowl

Handmade Pottery Berry Bowl in SunsetBrown

Roasted Corn on the Cob

This is also the time for the BBQ ,and what a great way to cook Corn on the cob.  People put the golden cobs on with the husk or without. Oven roasted corn on is also very popular

Handcrafted Pottery Corn Trays

Make that Sweet Corn taste the best

If you are going to have that corn with toppings you really need a unique corn on the cob  Tray.

Shelley has been hand making pottery corn on the cob trays for years, and  the customers love them. 

The Doing Earth Corn on the Cob Tray can go in the Microwave or roast in the oven. 

We like to put the butter in the tray  and let the hot corn melt it.

This is truly the best time for Corn on the Cob Lovers, and  Chilliwack Corn is the Best

Handmade Corn Trays by Shelley White Doing Earth Pottery

Handmade Corn Trays in Sunset Brown by Doing Earth Pottery









The Corn on the Cob Trays are available in our Gallery and also come in Doing Earth Peridot Green

If you are looking for Chilliwack Sweet Corn,  you can find it right in Yarrow near Doing Earth Pottery

Doing Earth Pottery Gallery hours  are posted on our site

If you are  looking for more information on growers in the area or cooking suggestions  

check out Not just corn, It has to be Chilliwack Corn 


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