Handmade Berry Colanders for Fraser Valley Farm FreshFruit

Doing Earth Pottery is situated in  Yarrow part fo the Fraser Valley where there is an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Berries and Hand Made Berry Colanders

Berries Grown in the Fraser Valley Near Yarrow BC

It is a short drive out the country to find where you will find Fruit stands and a roadside vendors offering the fresh and juicy  produce.  

If you like to go to some great  farms to check out Fraser Valley Farm Circle all the way out to Chilliwack and beyond 

Yarrow and Chilliwack

Visitors to Yarrow can find multiple locations to sample most the Locally  grown fruits and vegetables

In our area of Yarrow  are some local farms Fresh Grown Blueberries  Strawberries, Raspberries, cherries and  even Elderberries 

On Friday nights in  Yarrow Pioneer Park, there is aYarrow Farm Market   They feature local vendors  and Farm grown produce 


Yarrow Pioneer Park Near Doing Earth Pottery

Yarrow Pioneer Park Near Doing Earth Pottery

 Berry Colander

Once you get your fruits home, they will need to be cleaned. People love to put them out on tables


One of Doing Earth Pottery most popular item is our Handcrafted Berry  Colanders  



Handmade Berry Colander Doing Earth Pottery

Handmade Berry Colander in Sunset Brown Doing Earth Pottery




Shelley has made them in  2 sizes and in her Unique colors.  They are beautiful decor piece on any table or countertop for display and serving.The fruit stays fresh and always looks so appealing.

A small size HandMade Pottery Berry Bowl By Doing Earth Pottery

A small size HandMade Pottery Berry Bowl By Doing Earth Pottery


In the summer there are blueberries, strawberries, Cherries, and Apples.


In the fall and winter, they are a great way to display  Mandarin oranges and  other fruits

Berry Bowl are great for Mandarin Oranges

Berry Bowl are perfect for Mandarin Oranges








Some folks have even  used them as a pasta colander   or  small Salad bowl,

Just put lettuce in and wash it in the colander add you toppings and good to go

Fresh Fruit and Corn on the Cob

What goes great with Fruits of Summer Corn on the Cobb Chilliwack is famous some the finest Corn on the Cobb anywhere   People love Our Corn on the Cob Holders  which are excellent for microwaving corn on the cob

Microwave Corn on the cob with Doing Earth Pottery Corn on Cob holders

Doing earth Pottery Microwavable Pottery Corn Holder


They can be put in the microwave or heated gently in an oven to melt the butter and then have the  Golden Cobs right in the  Holder 





Yarrow has always been a favorite of people who like to explore The close location Cultus lake and walking trails along the river allows for many activities.

Cultus Lake close To Doing Earth Pottery Yarrow BC

Cultus Lake is a very popular spot to visit. It is near Doing Earth Pottery Yarrow


The  Berry Colander or just Berry Bowls  and the Corn on the Cob Holders are available in our home showroom located in Yarrow  


You can check it out online or visit us in our Home Gallery in Yarrow 


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