Doing Earth Pottery Vertical Chicken Roasters – Beer Can Chicken

One of our most popular items is our Handcrafted PotteryChicken Roasters.

Doing Earth Pottery Sunset Brown Verical Roaster

A delicious way to Cook Chicken Small Turkey or Duck

The real name for them is Vertical Chicken roasters, and have been made famous when people Cooking the birds in aluminium pieces with the middle filled with beer.

Thus the Beer can Chicken Cooker 

Here is the 2019update

Handcrafted Chicken Roasters are the ultimate way to Cook Chicken Small Turkeys (under 4kg) and Duck.

The birds cook slowly on Barbeques or in the Oven.

The natural fats for the birds collect in Roaster Base leaving a moist, delicious bird.


What about the Beer

The Roaster comes with the centre just like the Aluminum ones but guesses what?

You don’t need to put beer in there, in fact, you can add and fluid you like 

Try Wine, Fruit juice, barbeque sauce or a mixture of Soya sauce and Peanut sauce watered down.

It is really up to the cook to use their imagination

The reason you add fluid is for the flavour to  permeate the bird from the inside


 The real flavour secret

The best-kept secret is flavouring the outer skin of the bird. 


Here any garnish you can think of will work and flavour with the moistness of the bird will give spectacular results 


In this picture, we have done  a Mohito lime and season salt garnish  Cook it at 350 DF for max 2hours


Chicken Ready in Doing Earth Pottery Verical Chiicken Roaster

One the best ways to cook Chicken Small Turkeys and Duck is with A Doing Earth Chicken Roaster

Other Uses

Customer tell us they  love to cook their  vegetables and potatoes in the roasters  with  bird

Doing Earht Potter Chicken Roaster in Peridot Green

Doing Earth Pottery Chicken Roaster in Peridot Green

When they use  Cook duck, it is a great way to collect the Prized duck fat


Doing Earth  Roasters  come in  different Colours

The New Look of Beer Can Chicken cookers

The best way to cook a Beer Can chicken is with Doing Earth Chicken Roasters. Cooks in an oven on the barbeque. Put in the dishwasher when done You can cook Chickens Small Turkeys and even Duck on the Roaster


Doing Earth Pottery Floating Blue Roaster


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